HD 7950 launch delayed to February

/ 6 years ago

Just over two weeks ago we saw AMD do a ‘paper-launch’ of the HD 7970 and we were told and expected the rest of the HD 7000 series to come on the 9th of January boosted in reputation with some CES showings. However, according to latest reports, a leaked confidential email from AMD sourced by Guru3D (now redacted) says that the HD 7950 won’t make it in time for the 9th of January launch date and that AMD will only launch the HD 7950 when its retail availability arrives which is in the first week of February.

The HD 7950 is expected to be a vital card for AMD coming in at a sub-$500 price tag to give AMD competitiveness in the price point which the expensive HD 7970 cannot compete in.

Source: VR-Zone

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