Head of Google+ Reportedly Quit His Job

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In April 2014, David Besbris rose up to be the head of Google+, having said back in October 2014 that Google had long-term plans for its social media platform. However, less than a year since then, Besbris reportedly quit his job and has been replaced by Bradley Horowitz who has been with Google+ from the start.

Besbris has been the successor of Vic Gundrota, the previous head of Google+ before April 2014, having won the job against Horowitz. During this time, Besbris did not detail what we would expect from Google+. However, Horowitz is said to already have given plenty to the public through Sundar Pichai, Google senior vice president of products, at the Mobile World Congress.

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Pichai stated that Google would focus on communications, photos and the Google+ Stream separately, instead of considering them as a package. This means that photos and hangouts would be moving away from Google+. While Horowitz stated on his own Google+ page that he along with his team are working around the clock to bring a lot of changes, it seems that it would be rather hard since the Google+ team of around 1,000 is now half the size.

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