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Health & Safety Urges Kodi Box Owners to Unplug Now!

Experts urge owners of Kodi boxes to unplug them immediately and no, it’s nothing to do with piracy!

Kodi is a media streaming program that is used by some people to stream video. Some of the said videos are, in some instances, for some users, of an illegal nature. We all happy with that? Good! It’s just a little disclaimer you have to make before mentioning Kodi.

The film industry makes such piracy claims. We here at eTeknix try not to.

Some of the illegal users of Kodi may have purchased a pre-loaded box. This in itself is highly illegal not just for the purchaser, but for the person who sold it. A man who sold a pre-loaded box is currently awaiting sentencing in what will be a landmark ruling.

If you, therefore, are told by experts to unplug your Kodi boxes, your initial reaction might be that it’s going to be about piracy. The fact is though, it isn’t. Well, ok, maybe a little, but there is a deeper and much more concerning factor at play here. The safety of the boxes themselves.

Amazon FireStick not thought to be amongst those concerned (if a legit product).

Fire and electrical safety concerns!

A recent report has uncovered some shocking facts about Kodi boxes being sold. No pun intended.

The report found that 9 ‘popular’ pre-loaded Kodi boxes, from within the UK, did not meet electrical standards. With the Amazon Firestick being one of the most popular mediums for pre-loaded Kodi boxes, I should note that it is not specifically mentioned in the report. That may, however, be due to legal reasons and in addition, fakes should not be ruled out.

The issue seems to be on imported or fakes which do not comply with electrical safety. This by proxy, has been raised as a significant fire risk.

The guidelines issued via the Independent advise to check for the following:

  • Look out for the manufacturer’s brand name or logo, model and batch mark number.
  • Check that there is a CE mark and that the output voltage and current ratings marked on the charge match your electrical device.
  • Check that the pin plugs slot into the socket easily and that there is at least 9.5mm between the edge of the pins and the edge of the charger
  • Ensure it comes with all the necessary instructions for use and adequate warnings.

At the very least, it’s a good idea to check your Kodi box to ensure it is legitimate and meets all necessary standards. It is, after all, better to be safe than sorry.

Mike Sanders

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