Hearthstone Is Now Playable on iPhone and Android Smartphones

/ 3 years ago


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft rapidly became a huge success after its original launch for Windows and OS X on March 11, 2014. Afterwards, Blizzard Entertainment put quite a bit of effort into expanding the game and releasing it for different platforms so that more and more Warcraft fans could enjoy access to it. After successfully adapting it to iPad and Android tablets, Blizzard finally got around to making the game available on the iPhone and Android smartphones, which means that you are now officially out of excuses to complete your quests.

The mobile version of Hearthstone requires at least an iPhone 4S or a 5th generation iPod Touch. On the Android side, a 4.0 device is the bare minimum. The game can be downloaded from Amazon, the App Store or from Google Play, and since it is fully compatible with its desktop and tablet-based versions, all of your account info and progress will cross over. If you never played Hearthstone before, now is a really good time to jump in and give it a try. It currently boasts two solo adventure modes named Curse of Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain, as well as a fully-fledged expansion called Goblins Vs Gnomes. Back in January, the game had more than 25 million registered accounts, so it is definitely doing something right.

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