Hellblade’s New Development Diary Shows off a Playable Build

/ 3 years ago


Described by Ninja Theory as an “independent AAA” project, Hellblade is an upcoming third-person action game that’s currently being developed for the Play Station 4 and the PC. The game is set to be released sometime in 2015, but it is still in its early development stages. Things are moving in the right direction though, as Ninja Theory recently showcased the project’s first playable build as part of its latest development diary. In the video, the developers tell us a bit about the challenges that they’ve been faced with when they created this build and how they managed to overcome them.

I know that creating an AAA game is a monumental task, and given the fact that Ninja Theory has a rather small team and a small budget when compared to other companies, I can only imagine the hard work they’re putting into the game. The story of Hellblade is inspired by Celtic mythology and follows the personal journey of a character named Senua. The Windows version of the title could end up supporting 4K resolutions and mods, which is good news for PC gamers.

You can check out the latest development diary for Hellblade below.

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