Henry Cavill Says He’s Waiting for AMD Before Picking His Next GPU Upgrade!

Henry Cavill is hugely successful actor. Scratching beneath the surface of his film roles, however, he’s also a pretty big (and self-confessed) geek. Not only does he regularly play video games (including hundreds if not thousands of hours in World of Warcraft), but he’s also a PC hardware enthusiast too. – Something well documented back in 2020 when he posted video of him building his very own gaming PC. And if that wasn’t enough, he also recently expressed his love for Noctua’s beige and brown cooling fans (something I can wholeheartedly endorse my love of too!).

And, incidentally, if you should just happen to read this Mr Cavill, please note that you’re welcome to visit the eTeknix offices anytime you like (albeit, let me know in advance so I can keep my wife out of the way as she’s openly expressed that you’re about the only man she’d leave me for!).

With it being two years since his last PC build, however, Henry Cavill will clearly now be thinking of building his next system with new tech from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia to choose from, what do you think his current thoughts on the subject are?…

Well, speaking in an interview, he has said that while he suspects his next CPU will be something from the AMD Ryzen 7000 series, in terms of graphics cards, it’s possibly not going to be Nvidia this time. Yep, Henry Cavill is, at the very least, waiting to see what the Radeon 7000 series has to offer!

Henry Cavill Might Be Going All in on Team Red!

When questioned on the subject of his plans for his next system build (which he’ll presumably be putting together himself again), Henry Cavill has said:

“Oh, geez. My specs? Well, first of all, they’re all going to change soon, because I’m going to be getting a new motherboard, which will go with, well… I think at the moment I’m probably going to go with the AMD chip still, but we’ll see. I’m also waiting for the AMD cards to come out to see what they’re like in comparison to the Nvidia RTX 4090. So time will tell with the specs.

But right now, they’re great. It’s still a top-end PC, but it’s all going to shift as soon as all the new gear comes in. I was slightly disappointed to learn I had to buy a new motherboard as well as everything else, but it will be fun to take everything apart and put it all back together again.

I just bought a new PSU and that was a challenge because it was a far larger PSU than the previous one. It’s a 1600 [watt], this one. I thought it would only be necessary to unplug all the stuff from the previous one, and then plug the new stuff in. Turns out I had to unplug every single cable and cord because they needed to be both larger gauge and better cables, so it turned into a bit of a fiddle, but it was a nice warmup to the complete breakdown and reconstruction of my rig to come.”

What Do We Think?

Based on his comments, you can clearly see that Henry Cavill genuinely knows his stuff when it comes to building and managing a gaming PC system. I daresay though that many will be surprised to hear that he hasn’t instantly homed in on the Nvidia 4090 as his next GPU choice. – I mean, I’m hopeful too that the Radeon 7000 series will be good, but I don’t think even the rumoured flagship 7900 XTX is going to manage to keep pace with that card.

Who knows though, maybe Henry Cavill is just a bit of an AMD fanboy at heart.

In regards to waiting for Radeon 7000, however, this is undoubtedly not just a personal choice of his, but what we suspect is also the smart move for general consumers too. We’re hopeful that AMD is going to be placing a greater emphasis on efficiency and price tag rather than outright bleeding edge performance seen from the initial Nvidia 40XX offerings, which, in a nutshell, will hopefully see AMD compete but predominantly undercut their competition.

Will Henry Cavill’s next build be a Ryzen 7950X with a Radeon 7900 XTX though? We’ll have to wait and see, but rest assured he’ll likely do another video on it so that’ll be a fun watch!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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