Here is some gameplay footage from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta

/ 6 years ago

As announced last week, the beta of the latest settlement in the Counter-Strike series, Global Offensive, launched last week. Today we show you some gameplay footage revealing what some of you have been waiting for.


While it presents some nice improvements, it does look a little old compared to the next-gen shooters seen around today, one example is Battlefield 3. Yet Counter-Strike certainly has one very large fan base, for which this specific detail shouldn’t bother.

Here’s another video showing a graphics comparison between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike: Source.


One improvement is obviously the graphics (as seen above). Although a ‘blast from the past’ is also pleasing the fans it seems with the old-school sounds including voices and gun sounds being back.

So, does any of the ones lucky enough to have played the beta care to share their experience?


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