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Here’s DOOM Running on a Digital Pregnancy Test

When people say Can it Run Crysis, they’re usually joking about how powerful a system is. However, DOOM beats all, because it’s quite old now, it was designed to run on incredibly weak PCs, not even gaming PCs, they hadn’t really been invented yet. So when people say “Can it Run DOOM” the answer is almost always yes.

We’ve seen people Play DOOM II in Doom Eternal, DOOM in DOOM is peak DOOM, to be honest. It has been run in Minecraft, on calculators, I saw a smart fridge running it once. Oh, and you can even play it on a crap old Kodac camera.

However, one would think that just about every mad platform had been done, and then along comes… a pregnancy test kit. Created by ‘foone’ and shared on Twitter, it’s pretty impressive. Well, actually, it’s a bit crap, but it’s still quite obvious that the little display is playing a very basic representation of DOOM.

There’s a bit of trickery here though, the display isn’t the original one, and a PC is supplying power, but the rest is built-in hardware. It’s still rather hilarious though, and I suspect it may spawn a new wave of even more ridiculous devices running DOOM.

What’s the best example of DOOM running on something other than a PC you’ve ever seen?

Peter Donnell

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