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Here’s What Resident Evil Looks Like If It Was An 80’s Sitcom

Resident Evil Live Action Intro Remix

Needless to say, CAPCOM‘s Resident Evil video game series is enjoying quite a resurgence in popularity. Especially with the recent launch of the RE2 remake.

While many fans are just glad to relive the classic game with all the high-definition niceties, some are modding it even further to extend gameplay. Some are doing simple nude mods, while there is even one which replaces Tyrant with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Meanwhile, Reddit user GreyGhost Mike remembered the original live action Resident Evil intro from 1996 and decided that it could use some modding as well. Armed with a snappy 80’s sitcom intro and a video editor, he simply put together the following video:

“I was recently watching the opening of RE classic and thought the character poses might fit better in a sitcom intro,” says GreyGhost Mike. “So I made this. I hope you enjoy.”

It didn’t take much effort but oddly enough, the Perfect Strangers theme song fits well with this. Especially since many fans have forgotten that this intro exists at all. Some newer fans might have not even seen it before.  Maybe its the low production value that makes it look much older than something from the 90’s.

You can watch the original, 7-minute long live action Resident Evil with actors video below for comparison:

…and of course, the classic Perfect Strangers intro scene as well:

Ron Perillo

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