Hewlett-Packard to Release ‘Revolutionary’ New Computer and Operating System in 2015

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Troubled IT company Hewlett-Packard has announced plans for a hardware and software combination it thinks will revolutionise computer technology as we know it.

The HP research division is calling the device ‘The Machine’. Current computer memory architecture has operated on the same ROM and RAM principle since the 1940s. HP hopes it has developed a better alternative. Or, as Kirk Bresniker, chief architect for The Machine, puts it, “A model from the beginning of computing has been reflected in everything since, and it is holding us back.”

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HP aims for their computer to more energy-efficient and powerful than standard models by integrating a new kind of computer memory that stores both temporary and long-term data.

According to Bresner, a prototype of The Machine, with the operating system Linux++, is expected in 2016. Though, HP hopes to replace Linux++ with its own custom operating system called Carbon, designed to fully utilise its unique new system.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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