HGST’s 8TB Helium-Filled HDD on Newegg for $899

/ 3 years ago


I still remember buying 250MB HDDs, 800MB HDDs and then getting into the GBs was like a dream come true… but now 8TB? Wow. HGST, a division of Western Digital, is now selling its enterprise-class helium-filled Ultrastar He8 8TB 3.5-inch HDD for $899 on Newegg, or $933 on Amazon.

In Japan, it’s slightly cheaper, ringing up at $695 – or in our home currency, £438. Not bad, considering its a single 8TB drive. HGST has crammed in 8TB on top of a 7200RPM drive, with 128MB of DRAM buffer, and provides SAS-6Gb/s, SAS-12Gb/s or SATA-6Gb/s interfaces.

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Source: KitGuru.

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  • Wayne

    250MB HDDs, 800MB HDDs? That was last month wasn’t it? I remember 14 platters of 5.25″ magnetic media making up a whopping 10MB of storage and costing a wallet friendly $1500 at the time.

    • 12John34

      You mean last century. I still have a Seagate 540MB in an old Atari Mega STE.

      • Wayne

        Yeah it was last century, 1984 to be exact but it still feels like last month.

        • 12John34

          First read your post, then the article, that’s why I removed the comment about last century. Didn’t get it the first time. I was looking the news about the Berlin wall and I was thinking “25 years”. When? How? It was yesterday. Damn time passes slow and fast at the same time.