Hidden from Google Website Details Just What Sites Google Search Is Blocking

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Hidden From Google is a website that shows you exactly what its name suggests. The site now claims to have had hundreds of tip-offs from its users that highlight the pages that have been removed from Google’s search data base, most importantly would be that most of these articles are blocked due to a ruling in the European Court of Justice, which states people can have articles about them deleted from search results generated by certain search terms.

“There is an information gap there and, where you can verify examples, you can curate a list,” said Afaq Tariq, the US web developer who set up the site in June this year. “It is not as if the links are going away, it is just Google results within Europe that they are removed from, so you have this before-and-after picture with Google US. Some seem to have been removed, but are not any longer – that is part of the reason the list remains short. Until I can verify that an article is being censored consistently across European domains, I cannot put it on the list in good conscience,” he added.

It’s the start of something big, with scandals and cover-ups usually going hand in hand this site could soon be the hub for people who want to see what is being censored and more importantly, why it is being censored. Especially strange that articles from the BBC have been removed in relations to subjects like Carlos Silvino, who was convicted for abuse of children and procuring them for others. If he hadn’t admitted it and could have been innocent, perhaps there is a reason for removal of the article, but that isn’t the case here.

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Obviously there are no doubt hundreds, if not thousands of articles out there that are being blocked, so it will take some time for them to be validated and sourced properly and who knows, maybe people will realise that you can’t hide from the truth just by removing a few links on Google, or that it would be best just leaving the original links in Google, rather than being ridiculed on sites like Hidden From Google.

Check out the rest of the block links on hiddenfromgoogle.com

Thank you BBC for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of BBC.



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