Hidden Message Found Inside Switch Pro Controller

/ 10 months ago

switch pro controller

We are used to all sort of games having easter eggs, hidden messages, and references to previous events or games and I am sure that there will be plenty of them for the new Nintendo Switch games too. It is far more uncommon that easter eggs and hidden messages are found on the hardware itself. However, that is the case for the new Nintendo Switch Pro controller where a Japanese fan found just that.

Most people could go the entire lifetime of the console before noticing it despite being quite visible. The message is hidden on one of the analogue sticks and is only visible when the stick is being pulled down towards you. Normally, you’d only do that while gaming and then you are looking at the screen rather than the controller.

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nintendo switch pro controller message

The message is in its simplicity a thank you to all the fans out there, supporting the company’s long list of products throughout the years. It reads, thx2 allgamefans!

switch pro controller thxgamefans

Now, I don’t have the console myself, but I doubt that I’d noticed it myself. It isn’t large and it isn’t a location where you expect to find a message to you. Maybe a production number imprint, but not a thank you to the game fans. I like it.

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