‘Hidden Message’ Revealed in iCloud EULA

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Terms and Conditions or End User License Agreements have always carried a certain amount of mystery. Largely because of their extraordinary length and mundane context which means nobody ever reads them.

Well artist Florence Meunier has ‘revealed’ a hidden message in the EULA for Apple’s iCloud. It’s not nesscarily an ‘Easter Egg’ planted in there by Apple, it’s more of a message composed of words found in the document. The thing is though, the message is probably quite relevant to our attitudes to these agreements.

“This is the story of a man,
who one day was too busy
or maybe too lazy
that he, too quickly, 
clicked on I agree.
What the latter did not forsee,
is that he could never again disagree.
The lesson of this story is
that one shall not concede,
to something one does not read.”

That message was composed in a little booklet created by the artist, styled using CIA-style redacted text as you can see above.

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See some more pictures of the booklet here.

Source: For Print Only Via: The Verge

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    Please stop doing this. This is how biblical prophecy starts.

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