Hide Your Wallets, SteamOS Celebrates with Big Sale

/ 3 years ago

steamos sale 1

Valve and STEAM are celebrating both the most popular game titles of the year as well as their own SteamOS through a big sale, or as some people call it: Time to empty their wallets.

steamos sale 2

All the games on sale this time around are either already available on SteamOS or will be very soon. There is something for almost every kind of gamer and there are big savings to be had: up to 75%.

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steamos sale 3

Get your speed freak on in GRID, your inner dictator in Tropico, take over worlds in Planetary Annihilation, or immerse yourself in the RPG depth with The Witcher. The choice is yours and these are just a couple of the many games on sale this time around.

steamos sale 4

steamos sale 5

steamos sale 6

Thanks to STEAM for providing us with this information.

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