Hideo Kojima Talks About Making Games Change in Real-Time!

I think it would be fair to say that in terms of gaming innovators, Hideo Kojima is honestly (or at least in my opinion) one of the few left in the industry. Oh sure, you have plenty of people that talk a good game (*cough* Peter Molyneux *cough*) but in terms of people looking to truly bring something new and exciting… Well, sadly these days publishers are more interested in generic products that sell rather than trying something new, bold, and dare I say, a bit risky.

Yes, admittedly, Hideo Kojima’s efforts have not pleased everyone. Death Stranding, for example, is quite possibly one of the most polarising games I can think of. Was it different when compared to everything else that had come before and since, though? I think it was.

Following a report via Kotaku, however, it seems that he’s now interested in exploring a very interesting new mechanic. Namely, the possibility of looking to incorporate ‘real-time’ mechanics that would not only adjust to a player’s age but also in terms of where they live.

Hideo Kojima Talks ‘Real-Time’ Mechanics

Speaking in an interview, Hideo Kojima has elaborated on what only might potentially end up being a pipe dream, but what could potentially represent something pretty new in terms of gaming or at least how they interact with the person playing them:

“What I want to do are games that change in real time. Even as we’ve finally got people of various ages and occupations from all around the world playing the same game, everyone, and I mean everyone, is playing the same.

Instead of that, [I want to make] something that changes based on where a person lives or how they think.”

What Do We Think?

While certainly sounding very interesting, Hideo Kojima does have to be somewhat careful here in terms of his remarks here. Admittedly, he’s not making promises here and is only speculating on a factor of gaming he would potentially like to explore in the future. On the other hand, though, he has to be careful to avoid doing a Peter Molyneux ‘acorn to a tree in real-time’ Fable statement. Hyperbole can be a dangerous and addictive drug!

Who knows though, with him clearly working on something new at the moment, it’ll be interesting to see what he blows our minds with next!

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Mike Sanders

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