High-Tech Alarm Clock Uses Focused Beams of Sound and Light

/ 3 years ago


Getting up on a morning can be a tricky task, one that can spell death for your alarm clock when you thump your fist down onto that glaring “snooze” button. However, one team think they’ve got a solution to waking you up on a morning and it’s certainly unique.


The Wakē alarm clock mounts on the wall above your bed, so it’s already out of punching range when you want to snooze things, but the way this thing wakes you, may actually help you get up, rather than get back under the covers.

The “personal sunrise” system uses a built-in body heat sensor, so it can locate you in the bed, target you with narrow and focused beams of light and sound directly to you. The use of a parametric speaker and the beams of light mean that you can hear the alarm, but the person next to you will not, or anyone else in the room, the next room and so on.

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The light and sound show creates an area of white light around your head, gently filling the area with sound and a simulated sunrise until you are away. No more “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!”


It’s a cool system, but one that hasn’t yet seen the light of day. The project is halfway through its funding goal, but with 51 days left, it should do just fine on Kickstarter.

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