“High-Tech” Japanese Toilets Can Be Hacked Say Experts

/ 5 years ago


We frequently see hacking in the news and it is frequently occurring but normally hacking locks aim at websites, computers, smartphones and sometimes even cars, but toilets….really? Yes well apparently so and a video on YouTube shows an app used to control the toilet. The Lixil Satis toilets can be controlled using an app which is remotely controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Yet according to a security report the app has a hard-coded bluetooth pin of “0000” which means that anyone can access any toilet simply by entering those four zeros. With remote access you can then trigger all of the toilets functions at any time irrelevant of whether you are even using it.

“An attacker could simply download the ‘My Satis’ application and use it to cause the toilet to repeatedly flush, raising the water usage and therefore utility cost to its owner. Attackers could cause the unit to unexpectedly open/close the lid, activate bidet or air-dry functions, causing discomfort or distress to user”, the report notes.

Trustwave, who produced the security report, have made numerous attempts to contact the toilet’s manufacturer to no avail.

So next time you’re on a public toilet, just think – it may not be as safe as you think – be wary of unexpected flushing!

Image courtesy of WorldWideTechScience (YouTube)

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