Hipster Sells Dates With Himself on Indiegogo

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A hipster from London has reached the bottom of the pit when it comes to ridiculous crowdfunding projects. 26-year-old Tom Packer is offering 13 dates in return for contributions to his Indiegogo campaign.

“There’s a popular theory, which states that on average it takes 13 dates to find love. A crazy optimist that I am, I would love to put this theory to the test.”

His ‘rewards’ range from the hilarious to the uncanny; like £100 for “a guaranteed date with Tom” to “a signed limited edition print of my face and diary updates” for £10. He’ll also “take you” on a date to Paris if you give £1000. Plus, if you wish to simply be a sponsor of Tom’s quest for love, you can give £25 for a “shout-out” where Tom will “mention you to my date and send you a photo of us together (date permitting)”.

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While it seems like an elaborate joke, or perhaps a publicity stunt, this isn’t the first time someone has used crowdfunding for something ridiculous. Last year a guy in the US actually got away with raising $55,000 so he could make potato salad. Yes, potato salad.

While it’s unlikely Tom will find potato salad level success, he’s certainly got himself a date – 2 people have already paid for the £100 option as of writing.

Source: Metro

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