Hipsters Rejoice! Starbucks and Spotify Team up

/ 3 years ago


Starbucks, the hipster place to have an over-priced coffee and work on that auto-biography. They have now ditched the conventional methods of music to jump on the streaming service Spotify, but don’t expect to walk in and use it like WiFi.

The service will be used to play a variety of songs that have proven popular from the retail stores from over the last twenty years, but not in a conventional loop that is determined by head office. This will be based on a ‘set’ playlist, but the baristas can add songs in, to their tastes.

Starbucks have opted for this new service, one to catch up with the times, but to also offer a loyalty scheme to customers; mainly those who are part of the ‘My Starbucks Rewards’ program. ” If you’re one of them, you’ll have the chance to earn Stars as Currency points for subscribing to Spotify Premium, which offers access to millions of songs that can be played offline, ad-free and without any skip limitations.”

This partnership is set to be launched later this year in America; Canada and the UK will follow soon after. Will this be enough to sway more customers in through the doors? I think I might pick up a coffee every now and then if it means free Spotify.

Thank you to engadget for providing us with this information.

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