HIS HD 5450 PCIe x1 gets ready

/ 7 years ago

With graphics cards being the hot topic at the moment it seems that a lot of high-performance cards are coming out whereas users on a low budget needing a card for less resourceful matters are left in the dark.

HIS have answered the call of these consumers by introducing the HD 5450 from AMD using a PCI Express X1 interface. The graphics card (H545H1GD1) is based on AMD’s cedar PRO core and is said to be the first PCI express X1 graphics card on the market to support DirectX 11.

DirectX 11 is mainly seen in high intensive games and even though this card won’t be breathing anywhere near them it is still a beneficial feature to have.

Just like the HD 5450 that we reviewed some time ago it still remains a low-power card aimed at the ITX market and will most likely be used in small form factor systems or more frequently HTPCs, due to its passive cooling solution and low-profile design.

The core clock speed will be set at 650MHz, with 1GB of GDDR3 operating at 1000MHz which most users will find is more than enough for their needs if purchasing a card of this calibre.

Connection wise, the card will feature a DVI port, HDMI port and detachable VGA port so that you can still take advantage of AMD Eyefinity or if you choose to make the card an even lower profile.

No news on pricing or availability as of yet but we are predicting that this card should be readily available just after the New Year.

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