HIS Radeon HD 6950 1GB shown – No switchable BIOS?

/ 7 years ago

You may have seen the article we wrote last week explaining that AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB versions had started to hit the shelves in the form of a German retailer. Sapphire were the first to show their hand at what they had on offer and it seems HIS are next to follow with their 1GB variant. 


Radeon 6950’s have generally followed the same stock, reference design but this cut down version of the top selling graphics card from AMD includes a central fan as well. Specifications include a 800MHz GPU clock, 1408 stream processors, 5000MHz memory clock and a 256-bit memory interface. The main selling point of this card is that it features 1GB of memory, giving users more value for money over the initial 2GB model.

One thing that we’ve noticed from the pictures, is that the switchable BIOS seems to have been disregarded, meaning users hoping to unlock this to a 6970’s performance may be faced with some issues.

Connection wise will see two DVI ports, HDMI and two mini DisplayPorts and will feature AMD’s patented Eyefinity for multi display configurations as well as the ability of AMD CrossFireX for users wanting to run a multiple graphics card configuration of which the 6900 series has superior scaling.

Even though these cards have started cropping up in retailers, there is no news on pricing or availability for the HIS version but with the GTX 560 Ti release imminent, it makes sense to get this card out as soon as possible.

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