Hitachi introduce Ultrastar 10000RPM drives

/ 6 years ago

After the release of their consumer orientated 4TB drives yesterday Hitachi is today launching some enterprise orientated performance hard drives. The Ultrastar C10K900 series of hard drives will be available in 300GB, 450GB, 600GB and 900GB capacities in a small 2.5″ form factor as opposed to a a 3.5″ format meaning they take up less space in a rack mount server. The drives use an SAS 6GB/s interface (which is not compatible with SATA ports as it is intended for Server orientated SAS backplanes). It packs 64MB of cache, an average seek time of 3.8ms and the average response time is 3ms.

Power consumption, which is very important given it is server orientated, is an impressive 3W idle and 5.8W under full load (although this is still much higher than an SSD drive). According to Hitachi, its new enterprice Ultrastar drives deliver 18% higher sequential and up to 17% higher random performance than the nearest competitor, and are perfect for Tier 1 enterprise networked storage arrays, or for blades and other rack-mounted servers. The Hitachi C10K900 series drives will be available in January 2012.

Source: Press Release

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