Anti-piracy Group Shuts Down Pirated TV/Movie Script Provider

/ 5 years ago

One of the well known TV series and Movie streaming script site “TVstreamScript” voluntarily shuts down after facing immense pressure from the American movie industry. It’s also being said that the site owners have even signed over the domain “” to FACT, which is currently now a parked domain for the time being.

FACT has been using the Vickerman verdict to put pressure on sites that stream movies and TV series, and ask them to ‘voluntarily’ shut down and hand over the domain names in exchange of escaping prosecution. TVstreamScript is the latest streaming script site to do just that. However, some streaming websites are not willing to handover their domain and trying to recover from this and to restart their sites.

For those who won’t know, Anton Vickerman is a 38-Year-old was the owner of which was setup in 2007 and it earned about £35,000 a month by linking to pirated movies and TV series. But he was sentenced to four years in Prison and becoming the first British national to be jailed for linking to pirated movies and TV shows. But, he was not charged for copyright offense at that time, rather was convicted on two counts of “conspiracy to facilitate copyright infringement”. It was because of this case

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Its because of this, many websites that uses TVstreamScript’s online streaming script have been rendered useless. Some of the sites that was using these scripts are TVsuperstream, Infinityshows, cinesheet, streamflix, watchon, seriesvk, yeahstream, canaltv, tvshows2k, watchtvstream, online24tv, movifan and tvdrot.

The movie industry’s anti- piracy group FACT said,”“When contacted, some site owners agree to sign over their domains to FACT, and we then use that domain to help direct visitors to legitimate ways of watching movies, TV programmes or sporting events”.

Currently, most streaming websites that were taken down are either displaying 404 error, re-directing to another website or show an “invalid license key” notification.

Source: TorrentFreak

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