Hollywood Studios caught downloads of pirated movies by employees

/ 5 years ago

Fresh information is being leaked, which reveals that employees at Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are downloading movies, TV Shows and even PC Games illegally.


Files Downloaded by Warner Bros. Studios


Files Downloaded by Walt Disney Studios


Files Downloaded by Sony

Files Downloaded by Paramount Studios

Files Downloaded by 20th Century Studios

TorrentFreak teamed up with BitTorrent’s monitoring company “Scaneye” and found that piracy is very much present even within the well known Hollywood Studios. Some employees even downloaded movies and/or TV Shows produced by their rival studios.

This isn’t the first time companies were found downloading illegal content via Torrents. The now defunct website “You Have Downloaded” revealed that BitTorrent is used by virtually every company. Even RIAA and Homeland’s security was known to download content via BitTorrent.

As of now, the Hollywood groups have been the main force behind the “Six Strikes” Copyright alerts plan that will begin next year. Its obvious that after looking at these records, the studios need to practice what they preach.


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  1. rewire says:

    lol notice the part where it says “assholefever” at warner bro’s studio downloads

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