Home Of Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Burns Down

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John Mcafee, U.S. anti-virus software guru, addresses a news conference outside the Supreme Court of Justice in Guatemala City

There seems to be a lot of news about John McAfee these days and while he is no longer at the helm of the Anti Virus software, he’s certainly still making more than a few headlines.

McAfee fled Belize last November after the murder of American expatriate Gregory Faull, to which police were trying to contact McAfee as a suspect but that still remains to make and progress and the murder is as yet unsolved, with McAfee still effectively trying to prove his innocence, albeit not very well.

His home has been destroyed in what is being described as a suspicious fire, damaging both of the main structures of the property and leaving a damage bill of around $250,000.

McAfee claims that there are corrupt politicians in Belize that are trying to pin the murder on him and that the fire could be consequence of people in Belize going to great lengths to harm him. Regardless of the reasons it’s all a little sensational and surprising, The McAfee name is well established in the tech industry but that hasn’t done him much good after a murder case, his home being torched and no doubt many other complications.

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Who knows what the out comes of all this will be, but this is the internet of course and I encourage you to sound off in the comments section below.


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  • He should be investigated for the the millions of PC’s his programs have murdered as well. An innocent man doesn’t run.

    • A

      While Mcafee may end up being found guilty, I can assure you that innocent people do run, just look at places like South Africa, North Korea and several countries in Africa. Corruption is still worryingly common in some parts of the world, so blanket statements like yours just don’t hold up.

      • From what I’ve read, he is not a suspect but merely a person of interest and running away certainly doesn’t make him look squeaky clean.
        Remember that comments in these posts are peoples opinions only and should be regarded as such.
        Being South African I am very much aware of the corruption in my country and while it is a problem it is often over exaggerated.
        Corruption is not just a problem in some parts of the world but rather a problem in ALL parts of the world. It’s just that some countries manage to hide it better than others

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