Honeywell Launching Customisable Wi-Fi Thermostat

/ 5 years ago


If you’re anything like me, you have the thermostat preset for the perfect temperature. If you’re not like me and you are constantly adjusting trying to find that perfect temperature. Perhaps you just like to have the newest technology, or you have money to waste. Honeywell has the newest of the new in thermostats with their new “Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat”.

Giving you the ability to control building temperatures from wherever you might be with their reliable app, which has a 4.6 star rating on Google play and roughly the same for iTunes App Store. Featuring easy to use smart and flexible scheduling, and smart response which learns how long it takes to heat or cool. Advanced fan & comfort control allowing you to regulate the temperature more thoroughly. If you have significant weather changes it will alert you, also giving you maintenance warnings. Also including an indoor humidity sensor and a locking touchscreen to prevent accidental changes.

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Though Honeywell has had Wi-Fi thermostats on the market for awhile now, none have looked quite like this, with a smooth modern look. Customize the look with the color touch screen, either to your mood or room decor.

You will be able to find the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat at home improvement centers in May of 2013. Available for the suggested retail price of $249. 


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