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Hordes of AMD RX 480 Graphics Cards Unboxed

As a hardware enthusiast, I can’t help but get chills whenever I see some awesome hardware. The same holds true of motherboards, graphics cards, and CPUs. With the launch of Pascal and Polaris, we’re getting treated to a spectacle we only see once every several years. As part of the continuing RX 480 leaks, we’re now getting treated to a mountain of reference AMD GPUs.

According to the leaker, the towers of AMD RX 480 graphics cards are meant for pre-built systems. This could either mean a major OEM partner from the likes of your usual suspects or more boutique vendors. Either way, this suggests that AMD isn;t running into major stock issues and will hopefully have enough cards to see to eager buyers on June 29th. Smaller vendors are reportedly only going to get stock in early July so depending on where you are, the RX 480 may still be a bit difficult to find.

Before I let the pictures speak for themselves, we’re also getting a measurement for the length of the reference model. Coming in at 24cm or 9.5 inches, the card is a bit on the long side. This is to be expected from a reference blower combined with that usage of GDDR5 which carries a larger footprint. Thos hoping for an mITX blower will likely have to wait for custom variants or for Vega which comes with HBM2. For now, enjoy the pics!

Samuel Wan

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