Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Gets Price Hike on Steam!

With the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn set to officially release on August 7th, it is undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming gaming releases around at the moment. It seems though that unless you pre-ordered your copy early, specifically on Steam, you might be set for a rather shocking discovery.

Following a Reddit post by user “voidox” it has been noted that in pretty much every country in the world, the game has seen quite a significant price hike on the Steam gaming platform!

Horizon Zero Dawn

Checking a number of the various Steam regional locations, it has been found that the listed price for Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam has leaped up quite significantly. The Reddit user has found the following price changes have been applied since Saturday:

  • Argentine Peso 539,99 -> 2100 – 389%
  • Turkish Lira 77 -> 275 – 357%
  • Russian Ruble 930 -> 2800 – 301%
  • South African Rand 269 -> 680 – 253%
  • Colombian Peso 68500 -> 146000 – 213%
  • Brazilian Real 93,99 -> 200 – 213%
  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi 138 -> 193 – 140%
  • South Asia – U.S. Dollar 15,99 -> 19,99 – 125%
  • Ukrainian Hryvnia 579 -> 709 – 122%
  • British Pound 32,99 -> 39,99- 121%
  • CIS – U.S. Dollar 22,99 -> 25,99 – 113%
  • Australian Dollar 69,95 -> 74,99 – 107%
  • Canadian Dollar 56,99 -> 59,99 – 105%

So, why have the prices increased? Well, if the rumors are true, Steam has come under order from Sony to attempt to prevent any users from using VPNs to attempt to secure a bargain!

VPN Gaming Deals

By using a VPN, you can change the location to which the internet believes you are currently logged on. It’s a common tactic largely used by people wanting the best of ‘both worlds’ from services such as Netflix where regional restrictions can apply. By using it on Steam, however, you can sometimes grab yourself a nice bargain by purchasing the game from another country (exchange rates, etc.).

We should note that Steam definitely frowns on this practice and, by doing it, you do run the risk of having your account banned (albeit, I’ve never heard of it actually happening). It has, however, been speculated that Sony wants to shut this practice down and, as such, within the last few days, Horizon Zero Dawn has leaped (in the UK) from £32.99 to £39.99.

So, while there’s nothing we can do about it, it does rather suck for those of us who didn’t buy it before this price change. Then again, you (and me) probably never expected something like this to happen!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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