Hot Toys Build An 18 Foot Millennium Falcon

/ 2 years ago


Replica toys of famous franchises have always been popular with collectors of these detailed creations, from Sideshow Collectables to Hot Toys, these somewhat expensive pieces of art have a dedicated following. A 12-inch figure is good, but there not quite the real thing, well, the mentioned company Hot Toys have built a sixth scale toy version of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

It’s not quite what you may have in mind as these images below demonstrate; it’s both fantastic and quite literally awe-inspiring. The company have unveiled this monstrous creation at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong.




Owning one might be problematic considering Hot Toys have stated that you would probably need to dedicate an entire floor of your home for this version to fit. There is no word yet on the kind of price structure which this toy/collectible might retail for if indeed it will be built for general sale at all. My guess is it might well be sold to certain collectors considering there will always be a market for luxury items which capture the imagination of fans, albeit collectors who have expendable income to burn on a giant Star Wars ship.

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Thank You to Gizmodo and toyark for providing us with this information

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