How To Create Water In The Desert – Create An Artificial Mountain

/ 2 years ago

How To Create Water In The Desert - Create An Artificial Mountain

When it comes to water, desert countries suffer because of the flat terrain that often stretches beyond your sight. With no elevated terrain clouds and rain are scarce, but the United Arab Emirates is looking to change this by giving the country some elevated terrain, an artificial mountain.

The United Arab Emirates is currently developing an artificial mountain that is designed to help force the air upwards. The hope is that by forcing the air upwards it will produce clouds and in turn, the clouds could produce rain, turning the barren desert into an oasis paradise.

The early states at the moment consist of evaluating the best location, materials and required engineering that could ultimately lead to the creation of a rather hefty bill before the mountain is even off the ground. While not uncommon for countries to add new islands, or altering a small area of the geography, adding rain to a country known for its dry and barren landscape could change the region’s climate permanently.

How do you feel? Should we leave the desert alone or would introducing more rain to the region only benefit the people, animals and plant life that currently lives in the hot barren land?

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