HP Back to School Specials Feature AMD R9 380 GPU

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Switching education level from one school to another, or even just switching the grade can require you to upgrade the hardware you use for it and each year manufacturers and resellers launch their back to school promotions for just this situation. Usually, you get either an extra good price or extra good bundle if you can verify your that you’re currently taking some form of education.

HP did so too, but that isn’t really the big news here. The interesting part is that they outed the AMD Radeon R9 380 graphics card as an option for their new premium Tower PCs, the HP Envy Tower series.

“Powerful and stylish, the HP ENVY Tower is designed for content creators who need high-performance processors and strong graphics capabilities for editing videos and photos. For performance, customers have the choice of up to NVIDIA GTX 980 or AMD Radeon R9 380 discrete graphics “

Sadly the actual product page doesn’t load so we don’t know any more details about this GPU, whether it is from the actual new 300 series or if it’s just a rebrand. There are theories of rebrands of the R9 285, 280, and 280x, but if any of them are true, then most likely the 285 one. Anything else would be suicide for AMD at this point considering the advances and features added between the generations.

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When we look at the released information and the R9 380 being mentioned as equal option to the Nvidia GTX 980, we can guess that if it’s a rebrand, then it’ll be an optimized version in order to keep up with the GTX 980.

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