HP planning Windows 8 tablets, WebOS plunged into doubt

/ 6 years ago

HP is planning the launch of some tablets based upon the pending operating system Windows 8. HP is waiting for Microsoft to launch Windows 8 next year before it sends its new tablets to market. This is good news for the company who have reversed plans to scrap both the tablet and PC divisions within a month. It is also good news for consumers as HP send their tablets to market at very competitive prices.

HP CEO Meg Whitman has said HP will now start to narrow down in order to focus on making the best of what it does instead of trying to diversify further but it looks like tablets and computers are still on the agenda but WebOS may be off the agenda.

Meanwhile, HP is still unsure what the plans are for WebOS:

“We are continuing to focus on Microsoft-based tablet that we have and one that will develop on Windows based,” said Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP’s personal systems group. “I think from a WebOS perspective that’s kind of the next piece of work to complete”

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