HP to Apple: We’re already making PCs in the U.S.

/ 5 years ago

Reacting to what Apple said about having manufacturing units in the United States, HP said that they have been assembling systems in U.S. since their beginning. HP workstations and commercial desktop are manufactured in Indianapolis whereas the servers are manufactured in Houston. Both of these facilities employ hundreds of people.

Tony Prophet, senior vice president of operations at HP, told CNET in an interview: “We find that we are better able to serve our customers when we’re closer, versus building them in China and shipping them by sea. The labor arbitrage is not really a driving factor.”

When it comes to small-scale consumer PC production, HP’s VP of operations mentioned that they’re moving some consumer PC assembly units back to North America. Until now, Apple’s Tim Cook said that it will be shifting some of its assembling business to United States and following that statement in an interview, Foxconn said that they plan to do the same as well.

The race is on for “Made in U.S.” bragging rights.

Source: CNET


One Response to “HP to Apple: We’re already making PCs in the U.S.”
  1. Rational says:

    now if only we hadn’t closed most of our silicon foundries and shipped those jobs away to Asian countries. Assembly is just putting the parts together, yet not having any of the components produced domestically is the culprit of our current trade deficits and employment problems.

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