HTC Apparently Canning Smartwatch Plans

/ 3 years ago


More Smartwatch news! I know what you’re thinking – what could possibly be left? We’ve recently covered Apples iWatch release plans, rumored iWatch pricing and the vast range of big name companies getting in on the Smartwatch craze – but here’s something that’s a little of ‘column b’.

HTC was previously reported saying that they weren’t going to enter the Smartwatch market as they believed it wasn’t something worth their time. They originally planned a release, but canned the idea due to inflating costs and other things out of their control.

It was also reported that HTC were developing a wearable prototype that contained Qualcomm’s Mirasol display – a low-powered colour screen which can be viewed well in sunlight.

Whether these reports are true or not, it now seems confirmed that HTC are going to leave the Smartwatch battle to LG, Samsung, Apple and others to fight to the death – they’re going to continue working on their phones instead.

Smart decision or not? Let us know what you think of HTC”s plans to step outside the ring.

Image courtesy of Inside Android

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