HTC Facing Patent Dispute With Nokia Over HTC One Internals

/ 4 years ago


The Wall Street Journal reports that HTC is facing a legal challenge from Nokia over a couple Nokia’s patents which HTC apparently use within the HTC One design. HTC has to fix a part of the design which uses Nokia patents that relate to methods of improving reception and transmission of radio components. If HTC does not change the design of the HTC One and other smartphones that use the Nokia patents it will either have to pay license fees to Nokia or face an import ban in the USA where the ITC ruling is upheld.

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Nokia recently won that ruling with the ITC courts in the USA about a week ago and HTC has been forced into working with Qualcomm to redesign the radio transmission improvement mechanism for the HTC One and other affected handsets. HTC has until January to fix the problem or face an import ban in the USA and potentially face further action in any other countries where Nokia take legal action.

Image courtesy of HTC

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  • Jeppe Carlsen

    “Nokia has until January to fix the problem”
    Is it not supposed to be HTC having until January?

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