HTC Vows To Provide 2 Years Of Android Updates To Flagships, North America Only

/ 4 years ago


HTC is always looking for ways to boost its brand in the face of stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG and Nokia to name but a few. After hosting an “ask me anything” on Reddit the HTC USA product team revealed that they would be standing behind their flagship phones by providing major Android updates for 2 years after release.

Apparently the reason for this being North America only is due to the way North American devices often have different hardware to global versions of HTC flagships. The hardware used for North American versions is often easier to upgrade, HTC used the example of the HTC One X which they claim is upgradeable on North American hardware (Qualcomm based) but not on international hardware (Nvidia). The HTC One X is currently being limited to Android 4.2 but HTC has vowed to explore making the upgrade to 4.4 more carefully as enough people voiced their concerns about it.

Image courtesy of HTC

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