HTTP/2, The First HTTP Update Since 1999, Is Complete

/ 3 years ago


HTTP, the fundamental internet protocol used to transmit formatted data across the web, is getting its first update in 16 years. The new standard, HTTP/2, was completed on Wednesday, according to Mark Nottingham, Chair of IETF HTTP Working Group. After a series of editorial stages, HTTP/2 will be published as the new standard for websites and browsers across the globe, becoming the first update to the protocol since HTTP 1.1 back in 1999.

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HTTP/2 should speed up page loading times, strengthen connections, and help servers push data to your cache. But the most important change, a burden on developers since the inception of the internet, is the introduction of multiplexing. Previously, multiple HTTP requests at once would slow servers down, sometimes preventing page loads altogether, but HTTP/2 will allow simultaneous requests with no slow-down.

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