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Hubble Website Shows You What was Photographed on Your Birthday

The chances are that with us all being told to stay at home that the internet is currently one of your main sources of entertainment. If astronomy is one of your interests, however, then a new website launched by NASA might just be perfect for you!

Allowing users to select a specific day, you can look at various images taken by the Hubble telescope. For example, what it was looking at on your birthday or anniversary!

NASA Launches New Hubble Telescope Website

Now, while the website is more than a little fascinating, there are a few limitation to it. For example, while you can pick the day and month, the image provided will not be from a specific year. The problem there lies in that the telescope might not have been doing anything particularly interesting on that specific day.

If you do, however, want to check out some of the amazing photographs it has taken, this is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity. I mean, some of the images recorded are, quite simply, mindblowing!

What Do We Think?

If you’re looking for a solid bit of space entertainment or just a means of keeping the kids busy for a while, then this new website is well worth checking out. If you do, therefore, want to see what the Hubble telescope was up to on a particularly significant date, you can check out the website via the link here!

What do you think? Are you impressed with this website? If so, share the pictures your date got in our comments!

Mike Sanders

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