Hulu Plus slides onto Xbox

/ 6 years ago

To all the xBox gamers out there, Hulu plus has arrived for your platform! An announcment was made yesterday by Microsoft with the welcome gift of free Hulu till May the 6th. For all of you that live under a rock, Hulu is an online media streaming service with a vast array of Movies and shows, from Shows that have stopped airing, to the latest Family Guy episode.

This must be a smack in the face for PSN users; The service will be down for at least 3 more days and whats worse, you’ve had your details leaked. However, Microsoft could be looking at some impressive revenue with this constant stream or innovation, as Hulu can also be controlled via the Kinect addon:

“We’re proud deliver the best in entertainment content like no other device in the living room,” said Pete Thompson, General Manager of Xbox LIVE. “Hulu Plus is an important addition to support our continued effort to expand entertainment on Xbox LIVE. And by adding the magic of Kinect, we’re truly transforming the way people enjoy their favorite entertainment.”

Available to US Residents only

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  • Chris

    hmmm week of free films – yes please 🙂

  • ASadhra

    BadNoddy;16270 wrote: hmmm week of free films – yes please 🙂

    Subscribe to Phillip Defranco on Youtube and use his promo code to get free netflix for a month! Then just swap emails every month XD And no, I didnt just promote cheating the system, or did I….. :L

  • Chris

    What you've forgotten to add is that the Hulu service is only available from within the US!

  • aruffell

    I used to have access to Hulu through a US VPN, but not got it any more 🙁 Got access to Netflix unlimited though :DAndy

  • ASadhra

    Sorry Buddy, article ammended 🙂

  • aruffell

    Good call on that one :DI do wonder when us in the UK will have something as good as Hulu.Andy

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