Hundreds of People Searched London Free ‘Hidden Cash’

/ 3 years ago

As previously scheduled, Hidden Cash hit London over the weekend, with hundreds of locals scouring the city for £50-£100 rewards.

A total of 20 envelopes were hidden throughout London, and one stash, found in Kensington Gardens, required event organizers to just give away the location.
There was a mad scramble at certain areas in London, a city in which Twitter and social media remain extremely popular, with people excited to participate.

The contest was started by Jason Buzi, an American real estate millionaire, promised to be a social experiment giving back to the community.  Some of the people that find the cash gladly tweet @HiddenCash and then donate the money, or purchase something for family, friends, or co-workers.

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There have been Hidden Cash contests in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco and San Jose), Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Houston already.  Hidden Cash has been a rather fascinating social experiment, and other UK cities could be visited in the future.  However, after reported traffic and public safety issues in the United States – and concern of Buzi’s intentions – Paris might not allow the contest.

Thank you to Sky News for providing us with this information

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4 Responses to “Hundreds of People Searched London Free ‘Hidden Cash’”
  1. s1d3k1ck says:

    Sweet. I bet those were in need of cash. In western europe.. wow such civilisation.. the economy… now try in africa.

  2. Chris says:

    Yup the most wealthy City in the UK gets hidden envelopes of money. Fuck this world.

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