Huntkey Debuts Odd X-Power PSUs for Europe

/ 3 years ago

huntkey x-power

Huntkey Enterprise Group has unveiled its new X-Power series of power supplies, a unit that somehow appears completely out-of-place in regards to most other PSUs on the market.

The X-Power400 is a 300 watt power supply with a peak rating up to 400 watts and with fixed cables. It supports both Intel and AMD CPUs and is built on a dual +12V rail system. Features include active power factor correction as well as OCP, OVP, OPP, and SCP protection. The units are 100% Burn-In and Hi-Pot tested and come with an MTBD of 100,000 hours. The PSU is kept cool by a 120mm fan without any further specifications.

huntkey x-power 2

The first thing that strikes me as odd is the use of the peak performance in the products name instead of the rated performance. The second thing is that it has an 85% efficiency rating and complies with EU regulations, but has no 80Plus certification.

I don’t think Huntkey will impress the ordinary user with this non-modular PSU. But if the price will be set right, they might get some system-builders on board.

huntkey x-power specs

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2 Responses to “Huntkey Debuts Odd X-Power PSUs for Europe”
  1. Wayne says:

    I dunno, I’ve never had any experience with their products but somehow they’ve always struck me as dodgy.

  2. Djdat says:

    Cheap chinese trash. Avoid.

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