Husband Strips Wife Naked On PlayStation 4 Twitch Stream

/ 4 years ago


Now I’m sure there are a few of you clicking that title thinking OMG, that sounds awesome! But truth be told, it is more bizarre than anything on how this situation came about. Not to mention the fact the wife isn’t going to be best pleased about how it happened.

With Twitch streaming integrated on the PlayStation 4, users are not only able to stream their gaming, but also their camera free, effectively showing you what is going on in the room. Most often Twitch has been the stomping ground of PC gamers, used for play along videos, gaming tournaments and such things. The PlayStation 4 has taken it away from the desk and onto the sofa.

There have been a few popular streams since launch, such as The Spartan Show, which was so popular that Son’s own Adam boyes even called in while the couple raffled off their PlayStation 3. The one we are talking about, the one involving a nude wife, well… that just involved a couple sitting there and getting completely drunk off their asses for a few hours.

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Eventually the guys wife passed out and circumstances came about where he exposed her breast. This gained a few extra watchers to the channel and after brief bit of downtime on the channel it came back up with the wife still passed out, butt naked on the couch. The end result, the PlayStation account in question (Darckobra) got banned, no doubt due to a few shocked people hitting report buttons, or at least a Sony rep checking out why the channel is so damn popular.

This may seem funny to some, but it could have serious repercussions on Sony and Twitch, they won’t want this kind of behaviour as a label to their name and it could mean tighter regulations on the service in the very near future.

And no we will not upload images of it, obviously.

Thank you Gamer Revolution for providing us with this information.

image courtesy of Gamer Revolution.

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8 Responses to “Husband Strips Wife Naked On PlayStation 4 Twitch Stream”
  1. awwshitt says:

    dont get drunk and play playstation lol!!!

  2. Jose Gandia says:

    Great!! now because of morons like this we all have to suffer……………….

  3. Kurt Kuppens says:

    now I see a fee coming in cuz of this or something that is going to suck 😛

  4. Rm Bulanon says:

    I think i’ve seen them before. In a taxi video or something. I think they do this for kicks.

  5. Joshua Jax Jordan says:

    I expect this to happen on the Kinect as well.. seriously… what were these companies thinking…

    • Hecarim Hermus says:

      If you do such things than that is completely up to you. It is not like the kinect just randomly starts filming you, you have to grant it permission and set up a stream for other people to watch. So if you want people to watch you than it would be because you wanted it.

      • Joshua Jax Jordan says:

        My problem is if grown adults do this, then imagine kids getting exploited from this.

        Meh… granted I will never use it myself, and I never even use my webcam for my PC.

  6. Biggus Dickus says:

    That redhead wife looks hot. Wanna see more of her.

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