Hybrid Cooled Poseidon GTX 780 Announced By Asus

/ 4 years ago


ASUS announced the new Poseidon GTX 780, a standard aluminum cooling fins along the surface of the GPU, along with two 90mm fans to direct airflow. In addition, it also has the provision for attaching a liquid cooling radiator to the card. There is a DirectCU water block just behind the aluminum cooling fins, which can be directly connected to your liquid cooling solution via built-in G1/4-inch threads to further reduce temperatures.


Asus claims that temperatures can de decreased by 7 degrees Celsius by using the fans alone, and by 24 degrees when used in conjunction with a liquid cooler. It also features a 10-phase power design and DIGI+ VRM voltage regulators for increased longevity.

The Poseidon GTX 780 is based on the GK110 GPU, features a core clock of 954 MHz, along with a boost clock of 1006 MHz. It comes with 2304 CUDA cores, 192 TMUs and 32 ROPs. It has 3GB GDDR5 memory with a memory clock of 6008 MHz on a 384-bit interface.


The card comes with two DVI out, one DVI-D and one DVI-I, one DisplayPort and one HDMI out. The card uses 240-250 Watts of power under full load, and connects using one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector. There is also an LED light that glows when the card is running, and users can easily tweak the card settings via Asus’ tweak tool that not only allows them to configure the card’s hardware settings, but also broadcast live gaming sessions to the Internet.


In terms of pricing, the Asus Poseidon GTX 780 is currently sitting on retail shelves with a price tag of $745.

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