Hydro G Series 80 Plus Gold Power Supplies by FSP

/ 2 years ago


power supply FSPIt may have been difficult to choose a great power supply back in the day but it’s definitely a walk in the park right now thanks to all of these high quality offerings. A fine example is the new Hydro G Series 80 Plus Gold power supply by FSP, which offers a great mix of power, quality and aesthetics. It’s true that many PC enthusiasts choose a certain color for their build and stick with it, mainly when it comes to the RAM, the graphics card, the motherboard and the cooling solution. These power supplies by FSP come with changeable logos, which can be swapped accordingly in order to blend with the PC’s theme.

Inside, FSP installed smart fans and increased the airflow through an internal component arrangement process. The smart 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan is scheduled to start off when the PSU’s load exceeds 30%, and it will shut down when the load drops below 20%. What’s interesting is that the chassis of the PSU actually works as a heatsink. This product is fully modular, and its cable plug layout features a new design that is meant to support a tidier cable management.

The Hydro G comes in three different power versions, namely 650W, 750W and 850W.

Thank you Techpowerup for providing us with this information.

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