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HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless Review


The drivers on this headset are “only” 40mm, so I was worried that they were going to lack the kind of low-end punch I desire in my headsets. However, that simply isn’t the case and they pack quite a mighty punch that I wasn’t expecting. The sound is thick and deep overall all, and it is likely helped by the closed-back driver design. It locks in the air that’s moving around in the ear cups, which helps produce a much deeper low-end response.

For listening to movies and music, it certainly put a big smile on my face. The overall clarity is really good,

And I never had any issues with distortion, crackling, or even any wireless connectivity issues. Even running this thing at high volumes for extended periods didn’t throw up any issues for me. There’s a lot of detail in the mid-range, which really brings out the detail in guitar-heavy music, clarity of the high-end is excellent too, leaving dialogue and vocals ring in bright and clear the whole time. It is a little more tuned towards a “wow” factor than being studio accurate, but honestly, I am perfectly ok with that as I turn to increase the bass and the trouble slightly myself anyway.

When it comes to gaming, the headset really shines, I’ve been playing the Elder Scrolls Online with this headset for a couple of nights now, and everything from the fantastic musical score and SFX sounded wonderful, even over the general rubble of people chatting with me on discord. Even with a lot of various sound sources playing at once I didn’t feel that the mix was muddled and was able to hear everybody and everything clearly.

Furthermore, everybody was able to hear me clearly as well, as the microphone on this headset very competitive. It has a good frequency range to it, It doesn’t pick up much ambient noise, and overall the noise cancellation on it it is better than I would have expected for this price range. Of course, it’s not going to rival the desktop microphone solutions HyperX produces, but it’ll get the job done.

I do prefer a detachable microphone, as I don’t actually use one as often as I used to, but this one does fold-away when not in use. The good thing about that is it will also automatically mute itself when folded up out of the way. When you do want to use it, pull it down and bend the boom to a suitable position, and you’re ready to rock. It couldn’t be easier.

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Peter Donnell

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