HYTE Introduces Powered By Nexus Components Including a TKL Keyboard

Hyte has introduced its new Nexus Link interface for its Powered by Nexus components designed as a new single-cable standard to reduce cable management and clutter. This will allow users who use HYTE hardware to seamlessly connect between the Nexus software and hardware nodes.

HYTE NP50 Nexus Portal

The NP50 Nexus Portal allows users to connect their Nexus components for lighting and fan control. The NP50 features three Nexus Link Type-C channels to enable the seamless connection of HYTE’s suite of Powered by Nexus components. The NP50 also features legacy PWM fan control and three-pin ARGB outputs for control of third-party components. The unit is designed to fit into a 2.5″ bay for easy mounting and features a cover shroud to help route input and output cables.

PQ10 And PQ30 qRGB Light Strips

These new light strips provide 24-bit colour depth and integrate into the Nexus Link ecosystem via the Nexus Link Type-C connectors. The PQ10 features a 33cm pixel qRGB array while the larger variant, the PQ30, features a 1 m, 62-pixel qRGB array. These strips connect to any system through the neodymium magnets on the bottom making them easy to attach and remove. For those placing these on non-metal surfaces, the strips come with adhesive mounting clips.


Finally, Hyte has revealed a TKL version of their SR65 and it may just be the ugliest keyboard I have ever seen. This board features a TKL 93 key layout with Durock Creamy yellow 55g factory-lubricated linear switches. These switches provide a smooth and satisfying feel with every keystroke and are paired up with Durock V2 gold-plated stabilizers for a high-end typing experience. The Keeb TKL features a polycarbonate body which diffuses a 155-pixel qRGB array across the surface and then through the double shot, shie-through PBT keycaps. On the top let corner is a customisable dual rotary wheel alongside the dedicated media keys. The Keeb connects via a USB-type C connection for universal connectivity.

Price and Availability

Nexus is currently available for download from

NP50 Nexus Portal is expected to be available for purchase, globally, in September 2023 for a starting MSRP of $59.99 USD.

PQ10 and PQ30 are expected to be available for purchase, globally, in September 2023. PQ10 will be available in a three-pack for a starting MSRP of $29.99 USD and PQ30 will be available in a two-pack for a starting MSRP of $29.99 USD.

Keeb TKL is expected to be available for purchase, globally, in Q4 2023 for a starting MSRP of $179.99 USD.

To learn more visit

Jakob Aylesbury

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