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iBuyPower Go From Gaming PCs to Smart Lighting at CES 2020

iBuyPower is one of the hottest names on the market when it comes to pre-built gaming PCs. When we entered their suite at CES 2020, the first thing to catch our eye was this mini PC. It’s basically an eGPU box in form factor and it’s called the Revolt GT3. It’ll handle mini-ITX based systems, or even a NUC system if you swap out the mounting system.

What’s cool is just how modular it all it. The outer panels are recessed. However, you can flip them over to create a slightly larger volume case.

The main system is suspended for rubber mounts, giving the entire PC an anti-vibration cradle of its own.

It’ll hold a full-size GPU, as well as an SFX-L PSU, giving you plenty of installation options.

Next up, we have the new Element Dual PC case. I love a dual-chamber case, as it hides all the mostly boring hard out of sight; the PSU, storage, cable routing, etc. It also means the main chamber of this case can offer support for up to an E-ATX motherboard, huge graphics cards, and plenty of liquid cooling.

Next up, we have the Element CL. This is a more traditional mid-tower design, but it features a front panel liquid cooling distribution plate. This means they can deploy liquid-cooled systems quicker, cleaner and just plain easier. However, the end result is pretty fantastic, with straight liquid tubing runs and a very clean build overall.

Plus, it’s one of their few systems that comes with the option of a transparent 1280 x 1030 19″ TN LCD side panel. Why have glass, when you could have something this awesome! Other than, you know, cost.

They’re also dipping their toe into the world of surround lighting. These are basically just wall hanging smart home lights. While the design isn’t 100% just yet, they do seem to be on the right track so far.

The design is pretty slick, and they’ve gone with the idea of matching the lighting to a typical surround configuration. This one was a 5.1 setup, with a center light behind the TV. Plus, they have a larger square light to the side like a subwoofer, but typically, this one would be on the ceiling.

The rear lights.

Some lovely effects.

That fantastic square modular for the roof. Amazingly, this thing is super light, so mounting it should be pretty easy.

Even their demo models were on the wall with command strips.

It’s all controlled through their mobile app, although I suspect smart home support will be included too.

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