iBUYPOWER Introduce HEXA Ultra Compact Performance System

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iBUYPOWER are one of the biggest players in the PC building business, and their latest product looks set to prove that once again. Their HEXA ultra compact performance system is very small and very powerful. Working together with Gigabyte, they’ve created the HEXA in both Intel and AMD variants, to give you massive performance from this tiny little box. The HEXA is very easy to manage thanks to its small size, it can be placed on your desk, mounted on the rear of a TV or display, chuck it into your backpack, take it travelling with you, or keep in the car.

“Big performance in a small box — that’s what we’re delivering with the new iBUYPOWER HEXA, a new ultra small form factor PC designed to blast through all your computing tasks, and then some.” said NZXT in a recent press release. “From the skunkworks operations deep within iBUYPOWER’s lab, we worked with Gigabyte to bring you a new experience that’s unheard of in a system that takes up nary a stack of sticky note’s desktop space. Most iBUYPOWER will be offering two flavors, AMD and Intel systems, with iBUYPOWER’s configurability. You don’t get this level of performance and customization from anywhere else. The HEXA delivers six-sides of gaming goodness.” they added.

The new system is gaming capable, but we’re uncertain of its performance in that area at this time, although I suspect it wont be long before benchmarks start cropping up on forums. It’s obviously an ideal tool for those doing digital signage, or marketing, but due to its “very best performance in its class”, it may be “too” powerful for most retail needs, but is certainly of interest to the professional market.

“iBUYPOWER is in constant pursuit of delivering the latest technology in innovative ways that adds value to our customers, and the new HEXA systems deliver the very best performance in its class,” said Darren Su, Vice President of iBUYPOWER. “The HEXA is perfect for those who need portability, or want to hide away the system, say, for a media center. There’s never been so much power in the palm of one hand.”

The new HEXA systems are available from iBUYPOWER in obsidian black. Customers can choose between AMD and Intel platforms, with various configurations on memory, and storage options. No matter which platforms you choose though, your HEXA will come with the latest Intel Core i7-4770R or AMD’s Richland A8 -5557M APU. So expect no shortage of power and performance.

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Thank you NZXT for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of NZXT.

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