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Computex 2024:

We love ID-Cooling, they’ve often been a source of unique, affordable and interesting PC cases, coolers, and other products over the years. However, this year it looks like they’ve gone all out, with one of the best looking AIO coolers we’ve ever seen, and that promises to be able to cool up to a whopping 400W TDP. Given modern CPUs are proving difficult beasts to keep running their best, it’s less about overclocking and more about keeping them cooler to hit their boost clocks for longer.

This does look like a pain in the arse to install, ID-Cooling themselves said it is a bit of a hassle and takes more than two hands. However, it does look absolutely incredible. As you can see, there’s the usual pump/block on the CPU, but then it splits into four pipes, running a 360mm radiator at the top of the case, and a 360mm radiator in the bottom of the case, giving you an effective radiator size of 740mm with 6 x 120mm fans.

It’s also one of the cleanest and nicest looking pump designs I’ve seen. It’s gun metal exterior, gold coloured fins and a simple orange light (the ID-Cooling brand colour) looks stunning, and a welcome alternative to the mostly LCD equipped rivals.

Speaking of LCD, they do have those too, with their new 240mm and 360mm models sporting ARGB fans and mirrors, and a large display for added customisation.

The screen is a good size, and while the tooling isn’t final on this just yet, as the pump cover is 3D printed right now, but will be finalised before the end of the year.

There’s also a rounded version, which is the SL360 MAX, and the SL240 MAX, which will come with ring RGB on the fans, and on the pump, as well as a circular pump LCD display. Both sizes will be available in black and white variants.

Furthermore, they feature daisy chain fans, helping keep your cable routing neat and tidy.

The FX360 INF is a fairly similar product, but features fully illuminated ARGB fan blades, and a cool infinity mirror ARGB pump design.

I’m not too sure about the black ring around the middle of the pump, but overall, it’s going to be a more affordable cooler, and it does still look rather cool too.

And then if you want something with zero ARGB lighting, there’s the very serious and aggressive looking FX360 Pro which comes with an all-black finish.

The pump uses a milled top panel that is reflective and looks great when the light catches the little ridges in the material.

And then finally, there’s the DX360 MAX, which has the all-black fans and radiator design, but has a fixed graphic and basic ARGB backlighting on the pump; this will also be available in white.

Another new product is their magnetically daisy chaining fans, with both the PWM and the ARGB lighting being delivered through contact pins when the fans snap together.

Then for the first fan in the chain, you have a magnetic puck that simply snaps onto the end of the fan; very quick and clean to deploy!

However, my favourite products aside from the dual 360mm radiator setup is their new FROZN GDL air coolers. They’re just really smart, clean and stylish air coolers, with a unique gold lining design on the fans, top panels and towers that really makes them pop.

Again, it’s nice to see a product that stands out and look interesting without that solely being delivered via an LCD display or ARGB lighting.

What if you need big air cooling but in a lower profile form factor? This looks like someone chopped a big air cooler in half and fitted it with 80mm fans, and well, I guess they sort of did. However, for big airflow in a 4U rack, it could be a bit of a beast!

I wouldn’t mind getting one of these in for testing, it looks like it’s pretty potent despite being chopped down in height.


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